About Robbie Reports

Robbie Reports is a blog set up by Robbie Clark, a man who loves music and is an avid fan of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  Concerned about the Woodruff Arts Center’s lockout of the ATL Symphony Musicians, Robbie began looking into the business practices of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and its parent organization, the Woodruff Arts Center, and did not like what he found.  Robbie Reports hopes to bring attention to some of the many things that Robbie has found that need to be addressed to assure that the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra — and the rest of the divisions of the Woodruff Arts Center — have the kind of effective management that they need to continue providing the highest caliber art to the Atlanta area.

Robbie Clark’s investigative work is independent of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players Association. While he does partner with Save Our Symphony Atlanta to get these stories distributed, the choice in subject matter, research, and decision to publish are all his own. Because this work deals with issues that go beyond the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra lockout, Robbie will continue his work during the negotiations.